Fondation pour la Recherche Nuovo Soldati
Grants in cancer research

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The Fondation pour la Recherche Nuovo Soldati offers fellowships, on an annual basis, to support young doctors who wish to pursue a research project centred on cancer cells. The aim of these fellowships is to support innovative techniques or novel therapeutic approaches. In addition it is also possible to apply for a grant from the Foundation in order to learn a technique with the aim of applying it subsequently to an oncology related research project.


The fellowships are open to all medically qualified candidates or medical students at the end of their training who work in specialities such as pathology, oncology, radiotherapy or surgery.

Candidates should have a solid grounding in their speciality and the long term goals of the project should be integrated into the plans of their home department so that the candidates can continue to develop their expertise at the end of the project.

The funding proposed is for the candidate’s own expenses (salary, travel, fees at the host institution etc.). The aim of the Fellowships is not to finance the project itself. Thus applications where the proposed budget is centred on the purchase of equipment, consumables, reagents etc. will be rejected. There is however some flexibility such that applications in which a minority of the budget is destined to these ends will be considered.


The fellowships are awarded for one year.

An intermediate report at 6 months and a final report will be required. Fellows should acknowledge the Fondation pour la Recherche Nuovo Soldati in all publications that result directly or indirectly from the fellowship. Fellows may also be required to present their finding in a special session of a scientific meeting. The fellow agrees to use the funding in the spirit of the project.

The fellowships can reach a maximum of 45,000.00 euros, with an additional 5,000.00 euros that can be proposed by the advisory committee in the case of transatlantic or transpacific travel. Fixed supplementary costs associated with salaries should be included within the total according to the laws of the candidate’s country of residence.  Preference will be given to projects that take place outside the fellows' country of origin or within centers of excellence within their home country.