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2016: 10 years of Nuovo-Soldati Foundation for Cancer Research

The Nuovo-Soldate Foundation for cancer research is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its creation. In the 10 years since its inception in 2006 the Foundation has awarded 61 grants to 54 doctors (7 of whom were awarded a second year of funding).
Thanks to the Foundation these 54 fellows have been able to spend time in prestigious university hospitals and research laboratories. They have pursued their research interests and to learnt new techniques allowing them to develop new and innovative approaches to treating patients suffering from cancer. In addition, the fellows have benefitted from a unique experience in a new and stimulating  environments at a critical moment in their professional career.
The Foundation accepts applications from all medical disciplines related to cancer, our Fellows over these past 10 years have been dermatologists, geneticists, hematologists, hepatologists, neuropathologists, oncologists, pathologists, radio-oncologists, surgeons and urologists. They have profited from training both in Europe: the United Kingdom (London, Sheffield), Belgium (Brussels, Louvain), Spain (Madrid), France (Clermond-Ferrand, Lyon, Montpellier, and Paris), Sweden (Gothenberg), and Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich) and in North America: Canada (Montreal, Toronto) and the USA (Boston, Dallas, Hanover, Houston, Indianapolis, Nashville, New-York, Pittsburg, and Tampa). Their projects have resulted in 108 articles. On returning to their home institution they have continued their research projects applying the techniques that they have acquired. The precious collaborations that have been established will, we are certain, be the origin of numerous future developments in this field.
To conclude, the Nuovo-Soldati foundation has, in the course of these last 10 years, fulfilled its objective, to allow young doctors to develop their research career in cancer studies. We are happy to be able to continue this action to improve the understanding and the treatment of cancer.